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Experience lightning-fast contact exchange. Share all your details with just one tap on your phone.

Impress clients & win more deals

Keep yourself at the top of new connection's minds with an unforgettable first impression.

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No more reprinting paper business cards. Our digital business cards are designed to last years and years!

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Experience the easiest-to-use app, available on both mobile and desktop.

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Convey a forward-thinking and tech-savvy brand image of your team to potential clients.

Why do people 💜 Tapt?

We need to be meticulous in our planning for conferences in Australia and around the world.  So having Tapt Digital Business Cards, instead of needing to print business cards, means one less thing to organise in our event planning! And we really like the simplicity to connect with colleagues, customers and new people.

RME Global

Tapt received great feedback from everyone…to be honest we didn’t get any negative feedback. We also received great feedback about reducing the paper printing. This replacement is exactly what people were waiting for at Shaw and Partners. Sustainable innovation.

Enrico Barbieri
Head of Marketing, Shaw and Partners

We’re always aiming to promote the move away from anything single-use, for example by marketing our reusable pens and markers and encouraging refilling over single-use alternatives. Tapt’s commitment to sustainability through providing an alternative to single-use business cards definitely tied in with that nicely.

Jarrad Murray
Head of Marketing, Pilot Pen Australia

As soon as you show them around the office, everyone wants one! Once the digital marketing team rolled out their cards, the sales team wanted to get their hands on the cards as soon as possible.

Matthew Bird
IT Systems Supervisor, Blundstone

vs. the competitors

With our array of features, tapt truly stands out from the competitors.




High quality and scratch proof physical card

Fully customisable digital profile 

2-way contact exchange

Your card, your choice. Physical card, digital profile, in web browser or get the app experience 

Supported and guided onboarding for your team

Unlimited sharing

Partnered with Terracycle to recycle your cards when you’ve upgraded your design

Platform maintenance - enjoy a seamless platform maintained by our in-house developers

Lead generation tools and CRM integration

Central database for all contacts you've connected with

Designated Account Manager, 1:1 Technical Support

Consistent innovation. We know you want a product that continuously improves over time - we're making it happen

Australian Company, HQ in Melbourne

Let us help you, help your team

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Learn how to track your networking

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why go digital with your business card?

A digital business card serves the same purpose as a traditional paper business card but in a digital format. It helps you share your contact information in a cool and modern way, using technology instead of old-fashioned paper cards. You can share the card with a simple tap, so no more worrying about running out of physical cards. Plus, it's eco-friendly because it cuts down on paper wastage.

With Tapt, you can make an awesome impression on people without the hassle of carrying around stacks of old paper business cards.

What technology does Tapt use?

NFC (Near Field Communication) Digital Business Card is the new cool way of sharing your contact information. They're not like the old-fashioned paper cards that you usually see.

The NFC digital business cards have a tiny chip inside them that uses NFC technology. When someone with an NFC-enabled device taps the card, the card wirelessly communicates with the devices and shares all your important details – things like your name, company info, phone number, email address.

And here comes the best part: instead of manually typing in all this info into their contacts list or address book (which can be pretty boring), the contact info can be saved in one click, without the need to type.

So next time when networking or meeting potential clients or business partners, give those traditional paper business cards a break and go for something innovative – use an NFC Digital Business Card instead. It'll definitely leave a lasting impression.

What is the turnaround time for a Tapt card?

Once you have confirmed your design and placed an order, your order will be processed & dispatched within 14 days.

How do Tapt cards work?

It is very easy to share and receive digital and NFC Business Cards.

Sharing Your Digital Business Card:

  1. Tap on an NFC enabled iphone, Android phone or tablet. That's it! The built in NFC will instruct the phone to open up the site with your contact details, which can be saved under contacts.
  2. If the phone does not have NFC, you can can use the QR code on the card instead.

Receiving a Digital Business Card: As above, tap the card on your NFC enabled phone and you should have the contact details open up on your device, ready to be saved.

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