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Enhanced Analytics

Discover the top networker on your team, track your team's networking activity, and identify which custom links are generating the most engagement with Tapt Premium's advanced analytics tools

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Profile Grouping

Tapt Premium's profile grouping feature allows you to keep your Tapt profiles organized and grant team members access to edit specific profile groups, making it ideal for teams with different departments or teams spanning across multiple states or countries.

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Integrated NFC

Tap your card onto a smartphone and instantly share your contact details.

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Active Directory

Effortlessly synchronize your Tapt Premium account with Active Directory and streamline your digital business card management, saving you valuable time.

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Fully customisable digital profile
Contact Management
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CRM Integration (SF, HS, Dynamics)
User Management with SCIM Provisioning
Advanced User Permissions
Content, File & Data Organisation
Centralised Lead Management
Multi-team Profile Customisation
Advanced Analytics
1:1 Technical Support
Dedicated Tapt+ Account Manager for Onboarding and Planning Support
Data Enrichmentcoming soon
Custom Reportingcoming soon

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Tapt takes administration to the next level. With our easy to navigate dashboard, organisation management is the easiest its ever been.

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