Collect and Recycle - Tapt's Return Program

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At Tapt we believe in raising the bar of what you should expect from a business card, not only in the way it impacts your business but the environment too. We believe in a holistic approach to ensuring each card leaves behind a minimal footprint, so we have partnered up with TeraCycle who give your cards a second life, as community garden beds, outdoor furniture, decking, watering cans, recycling bins, flooring tiles, playground surface covers, athletic fields, and much more. By choosing Tapt, you’re active in not contributing to the 240,000 trees that must be cut down each year to sustain the 27 million cards that are printed every single day.

Our environmental impact

  • 15 million paper cards saved
  • 600 trees saved
  • 450 million kilograms of CO2 captured