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With one tap on a smart phone, your connection has access to all the information you want to share.

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The tapt card & profile

Your Tapt digital business card (customisable to reflect your company's branding!) is connected to a digital profile. Scan or tap your card to view and share this profile.

Insanely fast

With one tap on a smart phone, your connection has access to all the information you want to share.

All the customisation you need

Take full control of your digital profile: Add a profile picture, customise your cover image, change colours to match your brand, and embed social links and files for your new connections to use.

The tapt platform

The tapt platform gives you access to everything you need to seamlessly manage your team's cards and digital profiles.

Advanced analytics

Discover how tapt connects your team in real time

View live updates on tapt profile views

Monitor contact exchange rates

Centralise all the contacts received by your team

Track your teams networking activity

Identify which custom links are generating you the most engagement

Management made easy

The Tapt platform is a central place to manage and edit all profiles, update company information, track card analytics, and integrate seamlessly with other software. Take a look at some of our key features below!


Bulk updates


CRM Integration


Centralised contacts


Profile design

Track your progress with

Advanced analytics

  • Discover the top networker on your team
  • Track your team’s networking activity
  • Identify which custom links are generating the most engagement
Organise your users with

Profile grouping

  • Organise profiles into groups - ideal for organisations with different departments or teams
  • Grant access to edit specific profile groups
Update automatically with

Active directory

  • Effortlessly synchronise your tapt account with Active Directory
  • Automate your business card management, saving you valuable time

tapt platform

Try our interactive demo below to explore all of the features available to you through the Tapt Platform.

The tapt app

With the tapt app, give your team individual control over their digital profiles, and collected contacts.

files/Default_State_59446ba9-235a-4293-ad82-b4fe63d84e6a.png files/Profile_Customisation_fb0c6d0b-7a75-4f6c-93ff-7ff1254e001e.png files/File_Embedding_8a912607-1e0a-41cc-9ca3-6d7fbf7c74df.png files/Social_Profiles_5941dd47-826d-4d18-ac67-7adf02af4d6d.png files/Business_Card_Scanner_377e1f99-7742-44f5-ba2b-c7acc5b2de7f.png files/Offline_Mode_fde4a317-7c32-4b53-bf16-77db09b0d40e.png files/Widget_f9c1e369-b1f0-4d22-80f1-b9ea59e4c318.png

The power of the tapt app!

With the tapt app, take individual control of your digital profile.

Collapsible content

Profile customisation

Personalise your Tapt digital profile with the colours, logos and pictures that bring your business to life.

File embedding

Choose the links and files you want your connections to have access to, and embed these into your profile for ease of access.

Social profiles

Link up your social media channels to your digital profile, giving connections access to all different elements of your brand.

Business card scanner

Not everyone on board with the digital age yet? No worries - use our AI powered paper business card scanner to create yourself contacts from any business cards you receive.

Offline mode

Turn on "Share Offline" mode to allow potential connections to access your information, even in areas where there may not be a good Internet connection.


Always have your digital profile handy and easily accessible on your phone's home screen.


The power of the tapt app!

With the tapt app, take individual control of your digital profile.


Profile customisation

Customise your profile with the information you want to share, and change the look of your profile to match your businesses brand.


File embedding

Embed files and links into your digital profile, making it easier than ever to share important documents with your connections.


Social profiles

Add links to both your business and personal social media profiles.


Business card scanner

With our AI powered business card scanner, scan the details of your connections business cards into your database with one click.


Offline mode

Stay connected even when you and your connections are disconnected from the internet, with our offline sharing mode.



Keep your QR code quickly accessible on the home page of your phone, with our beautifully designed custom widgets.

And you get all this too...

The tapt app

With the tapt app, take control of your digital profile, and unlock a variety of additional features to help you on your networking journey. Available on both iPhone and Android.


Name-drop compatible

Simply tap your iPhone to your connections iPhone, and share your profile with Name Drop.


Wallet integration

Keep you profile quickly and easily accesible in the wallet of your phone - perfect for when you might forget your tapt card.


Apple watch compatible

Keep your QR code handy on your Apple Watch, to seamlessly continue sharing your information with others.


Dynamic contacts

Dynamic contacts mean you will always have the most up to date information of your connections. When they make a change to their details, it will automatically update for you too.


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