Tapt’s Top Five Networking Tips

3min read

As EOFY draws nearer, we’ve rounded up our top networking tips to take into FY23. Whether it’s increasing your face to face meetings for a chance at connecting better, or simply engaging more with content that speaks to you on LinkedIn, there are so many great ways to level up your networking so that you can grow your business consistently in the next four quarters.

Read on to find out what our team at Tapt HQ recommends!

  1. Engage with content: Comment and tag your connections in inspiring content you think is relevant and thought-provoking. This can help you to expand your reach and potentially start conversations with other professionals in your field. Acknowledging others’ achievements by sending them a message or commenting is another great way to maintain your network and make your presence known to other people on the platform.

  2. Seek out opportunities for face to face meetings: With many professionals returning to the office at least part of the week, there is a renewed opportunity to return to some face to face meetings, which generally have been close rates, anyway (and are also a great opportunity to show off your Tapt card)!

  3. Return favours: Strong relationships are a two-way street. By offering value to people within your network and returning the favour when they extend a courtesy to you, you can build more fruitful relationships based on authentic connection and appreciation.

  4. Follow up: Follow ups are crucial, especially after face to face events where you’re meeting many people all at once. Because building a relationship with your clients is of utmost importance, the follow up is how you do it, speaking to them regularly and checking in with how they are going. Luckily for you, the Tapt digital business card offers two-way contact exchange, making your follow ups easier than ever.

Make sure to bring your Tapt card with you wherever you go! With seamless, two-way contact exchange, capturing great connections and keeping them has never been easier.

There you have it folks, our best networking tips for FY23. Let us know what you think on our socials or share this with a friend who loves a good networking event. Happy EOFY!